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       Teaching the Franciscan Intellectual Tradition:          Why It Is Important

                                            (37 minutes)

                                               William J Short OFM                     


Our Franciscan tradition has a “word” to speak today, one that responds to deeply-felt needs in our Church and our world.  Our tradition can help to articulate a viable way of being Christian in the world today… It becomes crucial for us to understand the next steps, which will bring the tradition into dialogue with today’s questions:


                * In regard to Christian faith;

                * The life of the Church;

                * The world of science and culture;

                * The needs and longings of the human                                          family.


But that word will be lost, and that alternative vision will disappear if we do not take steps in these critical years to retrieve, preserve, and articulate that tradition in a language that is understandable to the men and women and the issues of our day.                    

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