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      Dying, As A Franciscan -         Approaching Our Transitus  To  Eternal Lfie

Accompanying Others On  The Way To Theirs

Tom Nairn OFM, Mary Petrosky FMM,  Kathleen McCarron OSF, Daniel Sulmasy OFM

DVD 1:

Presentation 1:  Fixed with Christ to the Cross (Sessions 1-3); 

Presentation 2:  Praise Be My Lord Through Sister Death: A Franciscan Spirituality (Sessions 4-5);

Presentation 3:  I Beg All My Brothers and Sisters not to be Disturbed or Angry in their Infirmities (Sessions 6-7)


DVD 2:

Presentation 4:  She Cared for Her Sick Sisters, Even Washing their Feet (Sessions 8-10);

Presentation 5:  When the Hour of His Passing was Approaching: Ethical Issues in Care at the End of Life (Sessions 11–13)


DVD 3:

Presentation 6:  He Knew in Advance the Time of His Death: Ethical Issues in the Planning for Death (Sessions 14-17);

Presentation 7:  Signs of Future Glory: Ethical Issues After Death   (Sessions 18-19)


Resource CD:  This CD contains all the study guides and presenter’s information that can be printed out as needed.

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