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Scotus Our Conversation Partner

(24 minutes)

Mary Beth Ingham CSJ


Foundational Introduction to the insights of John Duns Scotus and Implications for life today.


 Session 1: The Franciscan tradition offers a cohesive world view (14 minutes)


                   The Franciscan Intellectual Tradition presents an alternative educated                      answer to religious fundamentalism by offering both intellectual food                        for thought and also spiritual nourishment. In her brief biography of                          John Duns Scotus, Mary Beth presents him as artist with coherent                            insights.


 Session 2: Aspects, Implications and Assumptions of Scotistic thought                                      (10 minutes)


                    a)  Aspects of Scotus’ thought: 1) a positive vision of the human                                person;  2) an optimistic vision of human nature; 3) a confidence                              about divine love; 4) the unique beauty of each individual


                    b)  Implications: 1) sacramental vision--everything is a sign of God’s                            love; 2) Beauty can only be expressed from multiple perspectives


                    c)  Assumptions: 1) the intellectual journey is a spiritual journey;                                  2) to be human is to be an image of Christ; 3) the rational order is                            one of love; 4) the whole is grounded in a transcendent order that                            is rational and loving; 5) the whole is beautiful; 6) the human                                    person is the summit of divine creativity.



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