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Of God's Fullness We Have All Received:

The Cosmos, A Symbol of the Divine

(58 minutes)

Zachary Hayes OFM


Bonaventure operates on multi-dimensional levels to reflect on the created cosmos as the expression of the divine.  Through a series of symbols, Zachary explains the interconnectedness of the language of metaphysics and the language of imagination, and demonstrates their impact on each other.             


Session 1: Introduction to Bonaventure’s approach-- Reality and human reaction                     to reality are multi-dimensional.  (5 minutes)

Session 2: Divine Exemplarity – All created reality is grounded in the divine,                             expresses the divine and is conditioned by the divine. (6 minutes)

Session 3: Circle/River/Water – Symbols of the creative fecundity of God: every                       thing flows from and returns to the Creator.  (6 minutes)

Session 4: Song – A beautifully composed song balances and orders all compo-                     nents to achieve wholeness and harmony.  (5.5 minutes)

Session 5: Book – The contents of the divine book is first written within the con-                       sciousness of God in the form of the Divine Word and is then                                   expressed outwardly in the created cosmos. (8 minutes) 

Session 6: Window - In every creature there is a “shining forth of the divine” but                         mixed with darkness. (3.5 minutes)

Session 7: Microcosm/Macrocosm - All elements of the cosmos are present in                         the human being. (4 minutes)

Session 8: Cross - The cross provides a symbol by which Bonaventure relates                         the whole of cosmic reality in the revelation of the scriptures.                                   (4 minutes)

Session 9: Contemporary Cosmology - Six areas of possible coherence                                   between science and theology are presented. (16 minutes)


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