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Give A Reason for the Hope

that Lies Within You

(38 minutes)

William J Short OFM


Session 1:  Who is God? Trinity/Communion of persons in unity  (6 minutes)


Session 2: Christ, not sin, is the center of the interrelationship of God, the world and humanity.   (7 minutes)


Session 3:  Human Person - The living icon or image of God    (6 minutes)


Session 4:  World/Creation - A place of encounter with the Incarnate Word. All creatures are brothers and sisters.             (3 minutes)


Session 5: Church - Disciples living the Gospel is a Model of evangelical globalization  (4 minutes)


Session 6: Ministry and Authority - Humans enact the humility of God in being servant/ washing feet  (7 minutes)


Session 7: Conclusion: If not us, who? If not now, when?           (5 minutes)       

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