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The Humility of God

(56 minutes)

Ilia Delio OSF


Ilia Delio presents Bonaventure’s view of a humble, hidden God who is intimately involved in our lives and in all of creation.  The cross is the most intense revelation of divine humility.  God is hidden in a unique way in each and every creature as humble love.  We are called to become like God by entering into the concrete reality of our world and opening spaces in our own hearts to embrace the lives and sufferings of others.


Session 1: For Bonaventure, the humility of God is central and the Trinity is the                                   basis of divine humility. (14 minutes)


Session 2: The whole of Christ’s life is a mystery of humility. (5 minutes)


Session 3: Evolution—the humility of God in a scientific world. (14 minutes)


Session 4: The humility of God in a world of suffering. (11 minutes)


Session 5: Plurality: otherness and difference -- God is a God of all peoples.                                       (9 minutes)


Session 6: Contemplation:  How we know this God who is both hidden and                                         revealed. (12 minutes)


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