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(36.5 minutes)


Five Franciscan theologians present different perspectives on Haecceitas as taken from various seminars. 


Session 1: Definition of Haecceitas.  Seamus Mulholland OFM                             (4 minutes)


Session 2: Thisness – Two concrete examples. 

                  Bill Short OFM  (7.5 minutes)


Session 3: Haecceitas and the growth of the hidden self.                                      Mary Beth Ingham CSJ  (11 minutes)


Session 4: Thisness and contingency - as revealed in contemporary                   multi-cultural settings.  Kenan Osborne OFM                                       (5.5 minutes)


Session 5: Haecceitas  Ed Coughlin OFM ( 8.5 minutes)  


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